I may not be the most introvert-iest introvert, but I'm up there. Still let me say – it's amazing to find something that channels all your love to the point you can't shut up about it or put enough into it. To me that has become music, and more specifically creating a world to house my deep love of singing. Singing, just plain glorious singing - when it locks in, the whole world transforms around you, it all turns into a vortex of the spirit of every magical thing you've ever loved spinning around you. And I'm there, very much at home even for a moment. It is one of the greatest pleasures I have come to know. I think I'm comfortable enough to share one of my favorite soulful moments in relation to that.

Last year, mid-winter when we were just in the middle of recording the record I went west to honor the life of my Grandpa who had just left us earthside. It was at the funeral for grandpa Munoa where a few of my relatives stood up and sang amazing grace in our tribes native language. That sound, the sound of humans resonating together for a purpose, for a life that meant so much to everyone, made all the world feel right again in the middle of all that grief. That out of any moment that whole weekend back home fed me the most, and singing the highest kind of food there is.