There are other places to go, yet I don’t know quite where. Places to expand into. Putting things out into the world is very revealing, and there are parts of myself yet to be revealed even to me. There are parts of my jagged sea-stone-self that are being smoothed off by the tossing and turning in the ocean of life. It’s unusual how much I’m willing to "look bad" or put my shadow-side stuff out there these days and genuinely feel pretty even about it. I know being present in the world means feeling the harsh winds whip at you from all sides and I’m finally willing to stand upright, fully bold like a great tree with her roots digging into the ground and her long branches rising joyously up to the sky. It comes from that feeling, a force inside that says I must be myself. Being any other way than enjoying the process of trying out life only amounts to a strange pressure building inside that hurts and has nowhere to go. Some of who I am, and am becoming, is not yet fully reflected in the art, or the person I see in photos, or even quite fully in the music. Maybe it’s unfair to expect all of what you’re about to show up in one record. Maybe each record is about revealing another facet of your being. I am still learning about who I am and who I am becoming and how to reflect that.