After putting out BLACKSTONE on the Fall Equinox, I thought it would be telling to listen both of my records back to back — I was struck the difference of one record to another. Blackstone vs 2017’s Howls From Deep In The Woods release. What’s cool is it seems we might have learned more than a thing or two since the first. But what’s surprising is all of Blackstone is technically older songs — I’m talking well before Howls material.

This year has seen huge changes on many levels, one of them expressly being after two collaborations with fellow songwriting partner and producer Alex Vazquez I’m taking the year to write solo. I’ve got a protools station and guitar rig all set-up at the center of my space and I am going for it.

Chunky fuzzy guitar sounds over hip hop beats is what’s showing up in the initial songwriting phase — and who knows maybe that sound’ll stick. What I’m writing about is still forming.

Reflecting freshly on the newest release, I’m enjoying the more intimate rawness of Blackstone. I like it’s particular floor to ceiling attitude — it’s much smaller than Howls, which fits my nature more. I try to pack allot of spirit and punch into the songs I write — but I’ve discovered I like the beast I bring forward to be about the size of an old barn not a stadium.

Well, wish me luck in this next phase of solo writing. I’m feeling very inspired launching off the heels of these two previous records — into, who knows maybe into something entirely different. I’m ready to experience it unfold. What will be will be, right?