I am literally staring out of the window of our new home into dark winter woods. What a whirlwind this last year has been. When you’re doing what you love, time flies like a beautiful bat outta hell.

It’s been a house buying year (with a full basement studio build in our 2019 Spring/Summer sights). There were a couple of Native American Music Awards nominations that had me feeling so encouraged, so grateful, along with a string of Live Shows and Radio Spots experinces we collected with others. I’m reflecting on the connections of mutual love for art and music I was lucky enough to share with so many fun and interesting people.

I’ve felt so much support this year. So it’s particularly important during these dark and magical twilight hours of 2018 that I send out a soulful…. THANK YOU! Count me ready for 2019 and MUCH Gratitude, I no doubt feel emboldened and full of courage due to all the support sent my way. Love, A Howling Songbird