Man…..I finally feel like I’m near the top of the mountain – of this particular chapter of being someone who creates. It’s one of the many chapters, where you are scraping together all the assets you’ve got, all the grit, any amount of wit you’ve got in your pocket – even if it’s a few crumbs.

This is not weakness. Without the context, intent, and choice known – it can look like a person is flailing around, messing up. This, I’ve learned, is what being outside of your comfort zone looks, tastes, and feels like. And I feel like a very particular badass when I knowingly choose to move past my comfort zone over and over again.

It’s like walking straight into the sea and staring straight past all those 7 foot waves you know are going to pull you under for about 10 seconds but you’ve got your sights set on making it to that buoy 200 yards from the coast. You wanna get in there for the adventure and to see what you’re made of.

Right now I’m in a good spot in all of this. I’m at the “seeing the fruits of my labors” part of the cycle. The summer/fall harvest cycle. There will be a winter somewhere in the future. I don’t know when. But for now I will kick back (relatively, I’m always making) with peace of mind that I’ve been giving I’m doing everything I’ve got.